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Ready to tackle your smile with veneers? Mad River Family Dental has the tools and expertise to help you get the smile of your dreams with these effective solutions.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are personalized to your smile — and your goals for where you want your smile to be. We can help shape the veneers to correct gaps in your teeth, imperfections and irregularities in your tooth shape, and even bring you a brighter, whiter smile. With the proper care and maintenance, veneers can continue making your smile shine for years to come.

If your teeth are discolored from chemicals from previous dental procedures, there’s no reason to despair. Veneers are an excellent option to improve dark teeth. 

Veneers can also help teeth that are worn down, chipped, or otherwise damaged by covering the damage with a smooth solution.

What can I expect while getting veneers from Mad River Family Dental?

The process of getting veneers can require several trips to our office, but the end result is worth the time and effort invested.

The initial consultation is the best time to talk to us about your goals. Together, we will determine the best shape and brightness for your smile, which will help us identify how many veneers will be needed. We may take X-rays or impressions of your teeth to help us plan.

Next, we will reshape the surface of your tooth, removing a layer of your enamel to allow for placement of the veneer. We prioritize your comfort during this step. The veneer is shaped by a team of professionals specifically for you, and then we will help make any last touches, including fitting it precisely in your smile before bonding it to your tooth.

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