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Dental cleanings are a regular part of oral health. Most dentists recommend that patients receive two cleanings each year to help keep their smiles healthy and bright. Even with excellent home oral hygiene habits, our specialized tools can target plaque and tartar with precision and effectiveness that toothbrushes and floss simply can’t match. 

Every cleaning includes a complete exam of your mouth, teeth, and gums. Regular exams can help identify possible issues early, allowing for better and more efficient treatment.

Once the exam is complete — and if there are no major problems to report — we will move on to the cleaning itself. We use a scaler to remove plaque and tartar that has built up on teeth over time. We’ll use an electric brush and specialized toothpaste to remove the last of anything the scaler left behind — and polish your teeth. Your teeth will feel nice and smooth after this pain-free process. After a professional flossing session and finishing rinse, we may recommend other treatments to boost your oral health. This could include fluoride treatments, sealants, or a treatment plan to manage any issues that might have been identified during the initial exam. Be sure and ask any questions you might have — we are more than happy to discuss these potential treatments with you and get your questions answered. We want to make sure you understand our recommendations and participate in choosing the right path for your treatment plan. We are partners in your dental health!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling even more once your regular cleaning is complete. Your smile will look and feel great, and you’ll notice lasting results that you’ll want to maintain through careful and consistent at-home care of your smile.

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