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We put it right there in our name — at Mad River Family Dental, we’re devoted to providing superb dental care for the entire family. You can enjoy convenience and quality by scheduling regular teeth cleanings and treatments for your whole family — kids and parents, too — so you don’t have to worry about multiple appointments at different offices across town. Our team is experienced with treating patients of all ages — and making sure they have the best care available in the Fairborn and Enon area.

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is simply dentistry for patients of all ages, including the unique needs of children. This includes regular cleanings at appointments every six months, treatments with fluorides to boost the health of your teeth, checking for cavities and providing the appropriate fillings when necessary, dental extractions, treating tooth pain, consulting for possible orthodontic work, and setting up treatment plans for occurrences of gum disease.

Why family dentistry?

As family dentists, our team is experienced with providing excellent care for patients of all ages. If your children are uncertain or even fearful going into their dental appointment, we know how to calm them down and make their appointment as painless as possible. You might even find your children looking forward to seeing the team here at Mad River Family Dental for their regular appointments. We’re dedicated to encouraging a positive experience and positive, lifelong healthy hygiene habits.

At our family dentistry practice, our patients can expect excellent and comprehensive care. From fillings to dentures, and every restorative and cosmetic procedure in between, we are passionate about your entire family’s smile. We want to make sure that you get the best care that you expect and deserve.

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