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Dental implants can be an excellent restorative solution to issues with your smile. If you have a missing tooth — or even multiple missing teeth — implants can help you quickly regain your confidence in your smile. As an added benefit, implants can be a secure, sturdy, and permanent solution to the gaps in your smile. Even your closest friends and family members may not be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the dental implants.

What can I expect when I consult Mad River Family Dental about getting dental implants?

The first step of the process of getting dental implants is to identify whether you would be a good candidate to receive them. Patients who are good candidates should be generally in good health and have healthy jawbones to support the implants they receive.

If you are a good candidate, our referred surgeon would then attach the metal post or frame to your jaw bone. The posts and frames are designed to fuse to your jaw bone, offering superior security and a more natural feel than other treatment options, including bridges and dentures.

Once the post or frame has healed and fully fused to your bone, Dr. Hickey will attach the replacement tooth crown to it. The replacement tooth has been specially designed to fit with the rest of your teeth and mimic the look and feel of the tooth or teeth that you lost — right down to the color and texture. You will be able to bite and chew with it as normal, and with the proper maintenance and care, it will last for years to come as a flawless fix to your smile.

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