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Tooth pain can completely derail your day, especially when it comes on unexpectedly. If you experience sudden pain that is out of the ordinary, the safest thing to do is to schedule an appointment to come in to the dentist’s office. Having a professional take a look at the painful tooth can help give you peace of mind — and relief from your nagging pain.

Tooth pain can range from minor to severe, and there can be many different causes for it. However, it bears repeating: try to see us as soon as possible if you are experiencing tooth pain — we can help!

Sensitivity: If you experience sharp sensitivity in your teeth — especially when eating or drinking hot or cold food or beverages — it could be caused by minor decay, loose fillings, or other issues.

Lingering sensitivity: Momentary sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages is one thing. Lingering pain is another, and could indicate a more serious issue with your tooth’s pulp. A root canal or other treatment plan might be necessary to help your tooth.

Pain when biting: If biting into your meal causes you pain, there could be several causes behind it. You might have a loose filling — or even a damaged tooth. Even significant decay could cause this kind of discomfort, so schedule a dental appointment accordingly!

Dull ache: A dull ache accompanied by pressure in your teeth and jaw could indicate that you grind or clench your teeth while you’re sleeping. Mouth guards can help relieve this pain, and we can help customize your guard to make it as comfortable as possible.

Severe, long-lasting pain: With severe tooth pain accompanied by pressure, sensitivity, or swelling, it is possible you may have an abscess — or infection — of your tooth. It’s essential to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible to address the infection.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, there’s no reason to suffer through it. Mad River Family Dental is here and ready to get to the root of the issue. Call us today!


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